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Van Dam 5610 Cup Printing Machine for Sale

New Arrival! Quality 2nd Hand Van Dam 5610 Cup Printing Machine for Sale Check out the full specifications on our Youtube channel @

PALi Global… Your Partner In Exceeding Your Production Goals

PALi Global was formed by a team of experienced industry professionals in the plastic dry offset printing industry. We are located in rural Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains. We sell used dry offset printing machines that print on plastic cups, pails, containers, lids, and tops. Additionally, we offer parts for these machines as well as services for them like maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and rebuilds. Well trained machine operators are critical for optimal machine performance, which is why we offer operator and print training. For companies that want to handle their own maintenance and repairs, we offer training for that too. Our clients are companies who use dry offset printing machines to print on plastic print branded cups, flower pot designs, and other branded plastic containers anywhere in the world. PALi Global recognized the need for a reliable, efficient,and cost effective services provider, so our team was hand picked to do just that. Why are we different? We care about ou…